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About Kimberly

"Your Personal Energy Reader"

I had the ability to read other people's energy since I was a child. Some like to use the word, “psychic”. I prefer to say “energy reader” as that’s precisely what I do. I tune into you (and those around you) and listen to your energy system. This enables me to guide you with any type of relationships in life, business or personal.

I am here to read energy and give insights that help you navigate your life with more clarity and peace. I intend to support your emotional/spiritual development. I cannot guarantee all information I provide will make sense in the moment. What I do is support your soul and hearts evolution. Some things things won't resonate right away, some will. Some information may never make sense, but my purpose is not to predict things 100% (as that's truly not possible) but to support your own intuitions and suggest ways that might prove beneficial for personal healing, acceptance of self as a worthy and deserving soul. I want to help you act in accordance with your personal wishes. I want to empower your heart & soul. The ego is not always ready for this type of guidance. The ego has demands and needs. The heart takes in information and learns to evolve accordingly; allowing the souls purpose to become the motivation behind your actions.

My ability to gain clarity and trust of this process had been deepened through my desire to have more self-understanding. I sought to understand the perplexities and patterns within an individual’s lifetime and in doing so took an approach towards learning that included many modalities. In doing so I often pondered, could there be reasons for our experiences that went beyond what logic alone could provide? Does the body and our intuition deserve more respect? Should they be considered more when facing challenges?

I was introduced to healing modalities that focused more on the energetic system of an individual and bringing the body back into balance. These different techniques include: Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, massage, acupuncture, kinesthelogy, yoga and various types of breath work. Through these years of personal growth my sensitivity began revealing itself more and as such, over my lifetime I have deepened my ability to read other people's energy by simply receiving a name.

Therefore I am a firm believer in listening to the energy of people’s body’s and in doing so, I break down the patterns and vibrations (akin to “reading code” like the movie, The Matrix, demonstrated) and gives words to all of it.

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